Every great movement is driven and propelled by youth. Now, more than ever, youth need to be at the forefront of political and civic engagement processes to ensure their voices are heard. Youth must be involved, engaged, and be bold when others aren’t willing to take a stand. Our campaign is launching #YouthForD4 as opportunity for youth to learn, develop, and take leadership within our campaign. Participants will discuss current issues in D4, get training from local leaders and take on organizing and canvassing roles all to bring true representation to District 4.   


Do I have to live in District 4 in order to participate in #YouthForD4?

No. All youth and young adults that are passionate about making a change in District 4 are welcome.

What are the accepted age ranges for youth?

We are looking for youth between the ages of 16-24.

Is #YouthForD4 a paid internship or job opportunity?

This is a strictly an opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community.


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Please email all further questions to volunteers.mm4@gmail.com