Monica Montgomery Calls on Mickey Kasparian to Step Down from Labor Leadership

Released at: January 06, 2018
Contact: Monica Montgomery D4

Says Mickey Kasparian must step down from labor leadership, because sexual assault accusations will not be ignored.

SAN DIEGO, CA –San Diego City Council District Four Candidate Monica Montgomery has called for Mickey Kasparian to step down from his positions at UFCW Local 135 and the Working Families Council, particularly in light of the recent settlement he has entered into.

“Sexual assault and harassment allegations will not be ignored. I believe women’s voices should be heard, trusted, and respected. I support the women who have stood up to bring these allegations into the court of law, and I call on Mickey Kasparian step down from his leadership role within the labor movement. These brave women are the reason I vowed not to discuss my candidacy with Mickey Kasparian at all,” said Montgomery.

Montgomery states that Mickey has been absent from his duties and responsibilities to working families because he is preoccupied with the multiple allegations. Beyond that, Montgomery recognizes that “the representation of thousands of working families is more important than egos.”

Montgomery also mentioned her opponent, stating, “It is unfortunate that the current council president chooses to plead ignorance rather than calling on Mickey to step down. However, these actions are not surprising and are reflective of her ineffective leadership.”

Montgomery referenced the Voice of San Diego article that had Cole’s office quoted in an email that “Council President Cole was not aware of any allegations against Mickey at that time.”

Montgomery declares that she “will always take a stand and be vigilant, and will not turn a blind eye to the abuse of women.” 

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