August 1, 2018

Montgomery calls on Cole to stop misleading voters and wasting taxpayer money

SAN DIEGO— San Diego City Council District 4 Candidate Monica Montgomery has called on her opponent to stop disenfranchising voters and to immediately direct the City Attorney to dismiss the City's appeal against ballot measures that would determine the future of the Qualcomm Stadium site.

Cole publicly voted to put the initiatives on the November ballot so that voters could decide whether they want to give SDSU the opportunity to expand at the Qualcomm Stadium site now that the Chargers have moved to Los Angeles. Last year she publicly voted to put the Soccer City proposal, a competing measure, on the same ballot.

However, Cole recently voted in a non-public meeting to authorize the City Attorney to file an emergency lawsuit to have  both initiatives removed from the ballot. After two different judges ruled against the City, Cole again voted in secret to appeal those rulings. With Cole's consent, the City is spending taxpayer money on expensive outside lawyers to assist with the lawsuits and appeals. 

"As the representative of District 4, I would not publicly promise voters one thing and then privately vote for something else." Montgomery said. "Giving people the right to vote is the most fundamental thing any government official can do, so lying about it and wasting taxpayer dollars to limit a vote is a particularly egregious breach of public trust."

“I urge Cole to return the issue to the Council and vote down the City Attorney appeal, saving taxpayer money on a wasteful lawsuit and making good on her promise to give the voters a voice in the future of the Qualcomm Stadium site.”

In the June primary, Montgomery received more votes than Cole.

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July 30, 2018

Montgomery responds to City Council vote to kill proposed ballot measure for reform of Community Review Board on Police Practices

SAN DIEGO--On Monday, the San Diego City Council voted not to require the process necessary to meet the deadline for the Registrar of Voters to qualify a community created ballot measure to reform the Community Review Board on Police Practices. They also voted down a similar item to have the City Attorney draft a separate ballot measure to meet the same goal, but without the procedural requirements. These two votes combined effectively ensure that the ballot measure will not make the November 2018 ballot. Monica Montgomery, primary winner in the race for San Diego City Council District 4, had issued the following statement on the matter:

“Today's vote was disappointing. Since February the community has been asking council to give this proposed ballot measure a fair shot, to let the people vote. The City Council, led by my opponent, did the exact opposite. In fact, City Council leadership made it almost impossible for the measure to be placed on the November ballot by intentionally delaying the process.

"After years of abuse and death by rouge officers, an independent study proving the existence of racial profiling, and a whistleblower bringing the existence of Rewards for Arrests programs to light, the people of San Diego need the tools to hold police officers accountable. Communities came together to make changes and were rejected.

“The political maneuvering I've witnessed over the last six months has resulted in the failure of the San Diego City Council to represent the will of the people when it comes to substantive criminal justice reform.

“These votes undermine hundreds of hours of community work, and the ability of the people to govern themselves the way the California Constitution and the San Diego city charter guarantee.

“I urge Mayor Falconer use his power in the strong mayor system in spite of the inaction by the City Council and complete the necessary process to qualify the proposed measure for the ballot. The people of San Diego deserve a vote and a voice on this important issue.”

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Voice of San Diego-- One Group That Wasn’t Shocked by the Primary Upset in D4: D4 Residents

iNewsource- Incumbent Myrtle Cole finishes second in tight San Diego council race

July 5, 2018

Montgomery claims primary victory against Council President in San Diego City Council District 4

SAN DIEGO-- Monica Montgomery, civil rights advocate and attorney who fought for homeowners during the mortgage crisis, has won the primary election for San Diego City Council District 4. 

With all ballots counted, a margin of six votes between Montgomery and the incumbent shows the importance of every single vote. 

"These results show what we already knew: The community is ready for change," said Montgomery. "The people of District 4 deserve representation that stands with the community, fights for the community, and does not look to special interests and the political machine for cues."

Over sixty percent of the votes cast in this race were cast against the incumbent. When factoring in historically high primary turnout for the council district, it's easy to see that the community is engaged and ready to fight for the type of leadership and representation they deserve.

"I am honored and humbled that my home is calling on me to serve," said Montgomery."But we cannot allow this victory to make us complacent. I expect that the political machine will step up in a big way to protect the status quo and special interests. We will have to keep up the hard work to win the seat in November."

Montgomery will face incumbent Councilmember Myrtle Cole in the November runoff. 

"I am proud of my community's strength, resilience, and tradition of standing up for itself when the political machine would ignore our needs. I look forward to earning the trust of the voters and bringing my vision, experience, dedication, and passion to this council seat."

Montgomery is a native San Diegan, an attorney, and serves on numerous community boards. More on Montgomery can be found at

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