1. Economic Opportunity for All

We need better economic opportunities in District Four. We see new buildings and structures, but we are not the builders.  Our city fails to acknowledge that we have disparities in contracting and in business among people of color. We need more opportunity for our children that are coming out of Lincoln and Morse High School and integrating back into our community.

We will work together to create and retain careers that support income growth for residents and incentivize business ventures in District 4. It is also important that we build capacity of nonprofit organizations and small businesses that are already here.

Without economic relief, many of our community members will be trapped in a cycle of poverty and crime. This is why we will fight for economic justice. We will improve the quality of life for residents through access to middle class careers, business growth and economic opportunity. Listen to my views on Economic Opportunity here.


2. Police Reform 

When it comes to criminal justice reform and police accountability, we need change to ensure justice and fairness for all San Diegans. We need common sense reforms to ensure all members of our community are treated equally, and with respect, by the police.

I will ensure that our police department will not only be held accountable for protecting and serving  our community, but also urge the department to collaborate in building and strengthening the relationship between police officers and community members.

Our community needs real police reform and we need it now. We cannot continue to ignore how much of an impact bad policing has on our community. We will not accept that the current councilmember turns a blind eye to injustice right here in District Four. Listen to my views on Police Reform here.


3. Safe and Healthy Communities

The city’s current plan for homelessness address the symptoms, and not the root causes of the crisis and we should not wait until the crisis becomes bigger to address the root problems.

Studies show that permanent housing for the homeless population will drastically reduce chronic homelessness. But we must also acknowledge that our community suffers from the lack of economic opportunity, the school to prison pipeline and criminalization of the homeless. Temporary shelters end up masking the problem, but we need a long term, sustainable plan. The average rent in San Diego is almost $1800 per month and is rising dramatically. We need more affordable housing so the working class can afford to live where they work, and young adults can consider starting a life here.

I will fight for balanced development, affordable housing, and critical services to assist low income families and combat homelessness, all with the goal of creating a better quality of life for District 4.


4. Better Neighborhood Services

The lack of comprehensive infrastructure maintenance programs for District 4 has led to massive potholes, crumbling or lack of sidewalks in many of our neighborhoods, among other things. Our 100 year old crumbling infrastructure must be addressed.

We must demand more efficient processes to provide consistency and equitable distribution of services throughout the city, including maintenance of our streets, parks, sidewalks and graffiti abatement.

I will hold the city accountable to maintaining our streets, parks and sidewalks ensuring that everyone from our youth to our seniors will have access to places to peacefully play and commune. We will be the hub of innovative infrastructure development our community can be proud of.


5. Transparency in Government

Openness, accountability, and honesty define government transparency. I will ensure that these values are at the core of decision making when it comes to plans impacting our community.

Our community needs a voice at city hall, and that is why I’m running. We need a seat at the table.

We will value the input from community members while making decisions that will directly impact them. We hope to rebuild trust between the community and the District 4 office, so that community engagement will increase. This will create more sound policies which will benefit the residents.